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Upland Experience

Rising early or catching some extra shut eye is your choice, no pressure here! There is always a fresh pot of coffee to greet you each morning. Several guests like to step outside to explore the property to catch the beautiful sunrises each day and listen to the majestic sounds of wildlife as it is the music to any great American outdoorsman's ear.

Following a warm hearty and delicious breakfast you will head out to the trap range, including eight different automatic throwers, fires up and slings pigeons from all directions to test your skills on flushing birds, cross flying birds and high flying birds. If you wish, we have a shooting instructor available to give you private lessons on how to match your swing with your eye movements to your flying target. Our instructor will also measure you to make sure your shotgun fits you properly. Next to the trap range is an area set up to ensure your gun is patterning properly.

When you see our monster four wheel drive busses pull up you know the time has come to allude to our nearby fields. Our labs are always just as excited as you are with their wagging tails being another indicator that the thrill of thundering roosters is just minutes away. The pleasure of watching these well-trained dogs flush bird after bird is now a reality as the pride of our dogs is just another superior moment of your hunt. 

Upon returning to the lodge after a successful morning hunt, you will be welcomed with a lunch like no other. Homemade soups, stews, chili, prime rib sandwiches are just a few of the menu items we prepare for our guests. You can always be sure there will be a sweet treat to accompany the meals as well. 

Following lunch, we will return to the fields to fulfill the rest of the days hunt. The afternoon hunt will be filled with just as much excitement as the morning hunt. Camaraderie and companionship are priceless moments that will never be forgotten. 

The atmosphere at Grand Slam Pheasant Hunts is very soothing. As you gather around the fire pit with your favorite cocktail and cigar, you will witness the beautiful South Dakota sunset with cackling roosters moving to roost, whitetail on the horizon and mallard ducks flying over. The view, the sound, the camaraderie with your sporting friends is what we call "Paradise on the Prairie." 

The gathering of the Lord's meal is one of the final highlights of the day. It is a gathering of breath taking prime rib, smoked pork chops, and a crowd favorite secret pheasant recipe, each paired with a fine wine. The constant chattering of the days events and of all the memories being discussed is with no doubt the icing on the cake. It unfolds before everyone's eyes when the lights are dimmed for an unbelievable video highlighting the days events, as no words can describe this celebration. Here at Grand Slam Pheasant Hunts, we call it "priceless."

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