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were married on September 3rd, 2016 and have two beautiful children; Zaydi and Berhyt. 

Cody earned his degree in Business Administration, Architectural 

Design and Construction Management. Along with his vast knowledge from post secondary education and the help from his father Curt and grandfather Buck, Cody built homes and lodges that gave him the expertise to help build Grand Slam Pheasant Hunts and make the lodge what it is today. He later taught himself the extensive knowledge he has for farming and does a superb job in all of our farming needs. 

Lynzi has an Agronomy Degree and works in the home caring for their family when she's not on the farm helping Cody with planting, harvesting, and anything else you can think of. She is Lorie's right hand during the hunting season, providing managerial assistance with daily operations.


Together, they also own a small business in seed sales and soil health management.


Cody & Lynzi Korzan

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